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Serviced Offices Cairo Egypt - Setting up a company in Egypt



If we rent space at your centre will you be able to provide us with a rental contract that we can use to incorporate our legal entity in Egypt ?
Yes, as long as the rental contract is for a period of at least 12 months (as per local requirements).

How long does it take to complete the necessary incorporation procedures and paper work?
We can prepare a draft rental contract within 48 hours. Incorporation procedures depend on your legal advisor.

How flexible is the rental contract?
Very: we offer short-term or long-term rental contracts on daily, weekly or annual basis. However, if you are incorporating your legal entity a 12 month contract is required which can be terminated giving a 2 month notice period.

How soon can I move in?
You can move in within 24 hours as long as your office seating plan does not require any major changes. If we need to remove/add desks to the office space you have chosen, we need a maximum of 5 working days before you can move in.

Is there a deposit to pay? How much is the deposit and what does it cover?
Yes, a one month deposit is required, and is equal to one month's office rental cost. This is considered a security safeguard and may be used to cover any arrears at the end of the rental contract.

How much notice of termination is required?
A two months notice period is required for annual rentals. A one week notice is required for weekly rentals. A day's notice is required for daily rentals.

If we need to down-size or increase our space requirements is this possible?
In order to meet your changing needs we offer total flexibility, subject to availability. We can move you in to smaller offices or offer additional space.

What does the rental cost include?
The rental cost includes reception and telephone service (Sunday through Thursday, 9.00 am to 5.00 pm ), high-speed DSL/internet/wireless access, cleaning, maintenance and lighting, air conditioning and electricity costs. Unlimited hot drinks and chilled water is free of charge.

Are there any other costs?
Telephone and fax usage is metered and itemised and reasonable rates are applied. Courier and postal charges, photocopies, printed documents and stationery items are an extra cost as are special services such as translation and dedicated secretarial/administrative services.

Can we bring our own equipment such as printer, fax, etc?

What happens if we need IT assistance? Do you have continuous on-site IT support? We have on-site IT support Sundays through Thursdays 9am to 4pm, at no extra cost.

Can we bring our own stationery supplies, photocopy paper?
Yes. We also have a supply of stationery items, should you require anything.

We often have to work late and at weekends: can we still access the centre and the facilities (telephone/fax, kitchen, etc)?
Yes, access to the centre is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To use the fax and make telephone calls, you will be supplied with a unique password. Calls are metered, itemised and charged at reasonable rates. The kitchen is accessible 24/7.

If my assistant is on holiday and I need to send a fax or have a document printed, can the centre staff help me?
Yes, we have a dedicated, professional team ready to assist you. Also, for clients who may require a secretary or administrator to work with them on a daily or monthly basis, we can offer this extended service, charged for on the basis required. We would not make any charge for a one off request.

If we need documents translated from English to Arabic and vice-versa, can you offer a translation service?
Yes, we have a professional translator. A charge would be applied for this service.

What other services can Keys Group Services offer?
Virtual office service; Payroll services; Administration services; Conference room rental (internal and external clients)

Whom do I contact for further information?
Please send an enquiry detailing your requirements, size of team etc, to: